3 Peaks Hike and Fly Challenge


ATTENTION ALL PEAKY BOUNDERS!  We have introduced a no-fly zone to the South of the Skirrid.  Flight to the South is still possible but please study the map before attempting the challenge to ensure you don’t infringe this area and face disqualification.  Also, please avoid landing near or buzzing horses/livestock anywhere around the course.  Even when the red mist has descended, please be sensible to ensure the longevity of the challenge.  SEWHGPGC

Airspace file for Three Peaks Challenge – 3PeaksAirspace22-1

(hover over link and choose download file)


If you experience any problems with landowners please be polite and inform the committee so that we can manage the situation.



A scenic hike and fly challenge around the Sugar Loaf mountain, Blorenge and Skirrid Fawr.

Dates: 01 October – 15 March.

Start point: Abergavenny Castle entrance (Abergavenny Museum), Castle Street, Abergavenny. NP7 5EE

Peaks: Sugar Loaf, Blorenge and Skirrid Fawr.

Finish point: Abergavenny Castle entrance (Abergavenny Museum), Castle Street, Abergavenny. NP7 5EE

Abergavenny Castle entrance start-finish point – OS grid ref SO 299 140 What3Words location: amazed.weary.sending


Entry is automatically free for all SEW members. If you are a non member you can purchase a week long 3 Peaks Hike and Fly Ticket from the SEW Webcollect store or join the club as a full member.


Categories (rewarded with a trophy at the AGM) are:


Women’s Champion

Senior Champion (55+)


Rules:  Updated October 2022

– From the start point you must reach and ‘touch’ all 3 peaks’ trig points (in any order you choose) and then reach the finish point.

  • A paraglider, harness, helmet and reserve must be carried at all times.
  • The only modes of transport permitted are via paraglider or by foot.
  • The site rules must still be respected for any flights off the hills – ie. To fly off the Sugar Loaf Mountain and Skirrid a current SEWHGPGC membership is required. Please read sites guide for details.
  • NO-FLY ZONE South of the Skirrid.  Please study and avoid this area, flight through at any altitude is prohibited and will lead to automatic disqualification.  It is still possible to fly south of the Skirrid and there are ample landing options outside this no-fly zone.  The implications on the ground are minimal with plenty of route options to Abergavenny available.  Airspace file available here – (hover over link and choose download) 3PeaksAirspace22-1
  • Avoid landing near of flying low over all horses/livestock.
  • The start must be commenced on foot (not by air) from the Abergavenny Castle entrance.
  • The trig points of each peak must be touched whilst on foot by the challengee.
  • The 3 Peaks Challenge is only finished when the challengee touches the Abergavenny Castle entrance at the finish point.
  • To compete in the 3 Peaks Challenge GPS tracklog evidence must be supplied to ensure compliance with site rules and airspace demonstrating you at each of the five turn points (start, 3 peaks and finish). Acceptable evidence includes: Screenshot of tracklog (most simple option), an igc file or 4D gps file demonstrating position and altitude or a complete livetracking file with a position at each turn point.  If possible please post a selfie at start, finish and each trig point on the SEW telegram Chat so that we can follow your day.
  • Air law must be respected and this means flying is restricted from 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset. Travel on foot can occur outside of these times (although you will need suitable equipment if you choose to do this).


Automatic disqualifications will occur for: anyone found using another vehicle (including driving or hitching as a passenger), riding an animal along the course, over-flying the turn points (without physically touching the trig points), breaking air law, unsafe flying (as determined by the SEW committee), not carrying complete equipment, for not following site rules or for other reasons as determined by the SEW committee.

If you successfully complete the challenge you should post an image on SEW Telegram Chat. You should then ‘challenge’ 2-3 other SEW paragliding club members who should attempt to complete the 3 peaks challenge within the season. Club members who fail to even attempt the challenge will be expected to explain why! You cannot challenge club members who have already completed the task.

CHAMPION CHALLENGER – this will be the person who completes the challenge in the fastest time from the period 01 October to 15 March.



The total straight-line distance is approximately 22 km depending on the route you choose.  What you cover on the ground will depend on your flying and route choices.

Altitude ascent by foot: 1445 m approximately. This will vary depending on where you are able to fly to and from.

Tactics – consider how the wind will be changing throughout the day (based on the forecast). The weather station on the top of the Blorenge will be helpful in determining the actual wind in the area. Flying in to Castle Meadows (near Abergavenny Castle) at the end will allow you to finish at the Castle without having to pack up saving valuable time.

QR Codes provided below for two classic route options, although you can go around it any way you choose.


We reiterate that this challenge is for everyone and it’s not all about the time, you attempting the challenge is the result SEWHGPGC want to achieve.  Inevitably the fastest pilots are now racing and all have completed the challenge several times, learning from each attempt and improving.

Nick Hoult completed the challenge on 07 March 2023 in an astonishing 2 hours 51 minutes and 44 seconds, 25 minutes faster than the previous record set by Greg Chilton only days before.  Any time within 6 hours is an excellent time. Just completing the task is a great feat.  Also of special note is Mark Simpson who attempted and mostly completed the challenge seven times in 2023.


Ollie Clothier completing the Challenge for the second time in three days. 4hr28 and 4hr12, total 8hr40!

Current All-time Podium (Oct 2022)

1st – Nick Hoult (2023) – 2:51:44

2nd – Greg Chilton (2023) – 3:16:48

3rd – Laurence Hamilton-Baillie (2021) – 3 hr 41 mins


Please message the SEW club if you have completed the course and your name does not appear above.