Before you fly

Before you fly it is important that you:
1) Check the Site Guides for updates.​
2) Check the Telegram “SEW Chat” and “SEW Planning” groups for any updates or site issues.​
3) Check NOTAMs for your planned flying location or XC route using ​ or similar.
4) Submit a CANP/NOTAM to notify both military and civil air users of your take-off location if flying during the week. See BHPA CANP for more information.
NB. From 2018 the RAF’s Low Flying Booking Cell now submit all CANPs as NOTAMs so they will appear to both military and civil air users.
5) Do not fly any site on your own.​
6) Check your airspace map and instruments are up to date if you are going XC.​
With thanks to Thames Valley HGC for giving SEW HGPGC permission to republish the advice “Before you fly” from the TVHGC website.