Capital Cup

Your chance to fly into the big smoke of Cardiff and win a neck tube!

Dates: 01 October – 31 October the following year.
Rules: You must fly from any site in Wales and land in Cardiff.
– Anyone completing this will be awarded a SEW neck tube.
– The furthest distance flown from a site in Wales to Cardiff will be awarded a trophy and declared Capital Fly-in Champion of the year.

Participants must be SEW HGPGC members on the date of the flight and at the end of the year on 31 October.
Take-off can be anywhere in Wales, but no nearer than Mynydd y Garth to the M4 outside Cardiff (3 km is the minimum distance).
The final landing must occur in Cardiff defined as: anywhere south of the M4 AND within 6 km of Heath Park (next to University Hospital of Wales).
Distance is measured as open distance in a straight line from take-off to the miniature train station in Heath Park (regardless of where you land in Cardiff.

Lat,Long            51.512366,-3.186711 (6km cylinder from this point).


There are no multipliers of any kind (such as declared flights/turn points, etc).
Airspace infringements are automatically disqualified.
A GPS tracklog must be provided.
The flight does not have to be submitted into the XC League but the same rules apply (i.e. if it wouldn’t be accepted by the XCL, then it does not count for the comp).
Hang gliders and paragliders only – they compete together in the same category.
You can have as many attempts as you want but can only win one neck tube.
The trophy must be returned for the next year’s competition.


Current record:

Alistair Andrews 74 km declared flight from Hundred House to Cardiff on his Sup Air Wild (March 2018).

Sion Way also had a notable flight in 2020 from the Blorenge to Cardiff (32.8 km).