Hike and Fly – SEWHGPGC Hike and Fly Challenges

SEWHGPGC are in the process of producing three hike and fly challenges for club members to participate in.  They will vary in complexity to encourage development in the discipline.


Two of these challenges,  the 3 Peaks Hike and Fly Challenge and the new Crickhowell Adventure are already active for anyone keen to make a start.  For non-members the club offers a £10 entry to participate.  If you are a member the challenges are free.  Click on the links below or use the dropdown menu to learn more about these fantastic tasks.


3 Peaks Hike and Fly Challenge – SEWHGPGC (flysouthwales.co.uk)


Crickhowell Adventure – SEWHGPGC (flysouthwales.co.uk)


We also encourage anyone who enjoys hike and fly to participate in the annual Dragon Hike and Fly competition held in the Brecon Beacons and Black Mountains.


Please check this page again soon for the announcement of the remaining challenge.