Tandem Experiences

Booking a tandem flight: Please contact one of the below listed companies

The hills around South East Wales are a superb place to experience the thrill of paragliding, so if you’d like to feel for yourself what it’s like to float above our magnificent scenery then why not book a tandem flight?

Dual Hang Gliders and Paragliders are designed to take two people and can take you just about anywhere a hang glider or paraglider can go. All you’ll need is an average level of fitness (enough to cope with walking uphill) warm clothing and some suitable footwear. You’ll get a short briefing from your pilot, then you’ll be securely strapped in and off you go!

It is important that you only agree to be the passenger of a fully qualified dual pilot and the best way to do that is to book through one of the SEWHG&PGC registered schools. Choose a school from the list below and you can be sure to make the most of the world class sites we have to offer in South East Wales.


CRICKHOWELL PARAGLIDING      https://crickhowellparagliding.com/tandem/

For a Tandem Hang Gliding experience try https://flylikeabird.co.uk/

To find details of schools local to you also have a look at the national associations webpage: www.bhpa.co.uk/schools/schools.php