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The SEW Hang Gliding and Paragliding club is one of the biggest and longest established clubs in the UK. We have access to sites within the Brecon Beacons National Park and regularly enjoy flying high over the highest peaks within this rugged and scenic region.

We provide a structure and focus for our sport in the region and pride ourselves on protecting access to flying sites for future generations of free flyers to enjoy. The club is a member of UK national body for our sport, the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA).  Our club members hold pilot ratings issued by the BHPA, from beginner to advanced.

The minimum BHPA qualification for membership of the SEWHGPG club is BHPA CP (Hill) or (Power). Please do not apply for membership until you have your qualification document from your BHPA School. If joining as a CP Paragliding (Hill) pilot, your qualification must have included theoretical and practical Top Landing skills, Dynamic Ridge Soaring Flights, and Ground Handling in wind of up to 15mph. All of these skills must have been signed off by an instructor or club coach before joining SEWHGPG Club.
If you need help getting these tasks completed, please contact for assistance before proceeding with your membership application.
Your SEW club membership is only valid whilst having valid BHPA membership. Refunds due to BHPA membership becoming invalid are not possible.

Our aim is to promote the enjoyment of the sport and we are strong believers in building a club culture that is second to none. We organise flying events as well as various educational and social gatherings throughout the year.

Enjoy the majestic skies around the Brecon Beacons, the Black Mountains, the Blaenavon World Heritage Site and the South Wales Valleys, whilst meeting like-minded individuals who share your passion for free flight. Join us today!

SEW Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club use Webcollect which is linked in with GoCardless.

The system is really quick, easy and safe to use. Please click the button below to join the club!

Site Access

Due to the requirements of the site landowners, generally the National Trust and Brecon Beacons National Park, some SEWHGPG Club sites are for MEMBERS ONLY, or for guests invited by the SEWHGPG Club Committee, e.g. for competitions. No reciprocal membership schemes currently exist for MEMBERS ONLY sites. All our MEMBERS ONLY sites are paid for by the club solely from member subscriptions. No training of any description, other than coaching of club members can take place on club sites without the prior consent of the SEWHGPG Club committee. Please remember that the negotiations to secure the use of these sites are conducted by the club’s officers for your benefit, and that this can be a very delicate and difficult process, requiring much time and effort. Every member, therefore, has a responsibility to maintain the credibility and good name of the SEWHGPG Club with landowners and local residents. Members must make every effort to abide by the norms of good behaviour in the countryside, and to obey any specific rules presented in the site guides, they are there with good reason!

Visiting pilots

The SEW club welcomes visiting overseas pilots from abroad. Pilots non resident to the UK are free to fly the club’s sites for a grace period of 2 weeks and need to contact the SEW chairman to initiate any grace period. Both local club sites rules and BHPA advice on overseas pilots need to be followed. Any visiting pilots will need to familiarise themselves with SEWHGPGC policy and also advice from the BHPA website. “BHPA members carry £5 million third-party insurance cover as a result of their BHPA membership, and most UK flying sites have been negotiated on that basis. Visiting overseas pilots will therefore need to carry proof of suitable third-party insurance cover, and be able to produce an IPPI card to show that they are suitably qualified to fly a particular site.”

Regular Meet Ups and Events

The South East Wales Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club is a strong believer in building a culture of excellence within the club through continuous learning and open discussion. Our current committee feel strongly that it’s important to pass the knowledge on and encourage active learning to keep our members safe by progressive development.  We achieve this by hosting regular educational talks and social events. These talks range from theoretical lectures given by our Club Coach in order to progress through the BHPA qualification system to more interest based talks such has progressing your XC career and birds of prey, where you’ll most likely meet one of the club members Red Kites up close and personal.  We encourage all members to approach the committee with requests and feedback in order to point the club in the direction you’d like to see it go.

 A Friendly Community

There are many reasons and benefits to joining the South East Wales Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club, we’re a jolly bunch, and we want to help you have the most fun possible, while staying safe and sound, but definitely not on the ground.  We often lift share to sites to save the fuel bill and make retrieves easier. You’ll find the members are always keen to let you know their plans on where the best place to go flying the following day based on the forecast and we discourage selfishness within our community. We also keep everyone updated to where is flyable using our site report system which is live and time sensitive. You’ll know first-hand when to leave work early and head to the hill to get your airborne fix. We also have many club coaches within the club to help you progress with gentle guidance when on the hill. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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