SEW Records

SEW Awards
The club is pleased to announce it has obtained past SEW paragliding trophies and has reconditioned these. They will be awarded to SEW members only. The flying season will commence each year on 01 November and finish on 31 October the following year. Trophies will be engraved with the winners name and then awards will follow shortly after the end of the season.
1. SEW XC League Winner – Highest position in the National XC League by anyone with their club set as “SE Wales” using the “standard” scoring setting. Results here. 2018 winner – James Price. 2019 – Lewis Price. 2020 – Not awarded.
2. SEW Longest Flight Cup – Furthest flight from any SEW site (Open distance, no multipliers) by anyone with their club set as “SE Wales”. HG or PG allowed. 2018 winner – Harry Bloxham. 2019 winner – Richard Carter. 2020 – Robert Kingston.
3. Jim Hay Trophy – Furthest flight by a newcomer – typically in their first year of XC flying (open distance, no multipliers). CP rated pilots only. HG or PG allowed. 2018 winner – Alan Hole. 2019 winner – Andy Howells 38.3 km. 2020 – Not awarded.
4. Steve Allen Trophyfurthest XC flight in the BCC by a SEW team member (Open distance, no multipliers). Results here. 2018 winner – Will Carr. 2019 – Mark Pearson – 71.4 km (8 September from Bradwell). 2020 – Not awarded.
5. Blorenge Cup  – furthest flight with take-off from the Blorenge. Multiplier flights (such as triangles or out and returns) and declared flights are recognised for their technical difficulty but only the absolute distance including all legs is counted (as multipliers awarded by the XCL vary from year-to-year). HG or PG flights allowed. 2018 winner – Harry Bloxham. 2019 winner – Nick Roberts. 2020 – Sion Way.
6. Capital Trophy – furthest flight by anyone taking off in Wales and landing in Cardiff. HG or PG allowed (see capital trophy page for further details). 2018 winner – Alistair Andrews. 2019 – no entries. 2020 – Sion Way.
7. 3 Peaks Hike-and-Fly Challenge Champion – fastest time via only foot or paraglider; starting from Abergavenny Castle entrance to trig points of: Blorenge, Sugar Loaf and Skirrid (in any order) and back to Abergavenny Castle entrance. 2019 winner – Tim Pentreath. 2020 – Dan Starsmore.
FAI awards
The club would like to support SEW members obtain their FAI paragliding badges. Further information on FAI badges are here.
FAI paragliding awards can currently be obtained for:
Bronze Eagle – Flying 30 km OR Duration 1.5 hours OR height gain of 500 m
Silver Eagle – Flying 75 km AND Duration 3 hours AND height gain 1000m (we have confirmed with the BHPA that 3 separate flights can be used to meet these criteria).
Complete a form here and submit it to the BHPA. Please contact a member of the committee if you would like assistance in getting this signed off.

SEW Distance Medals

This will be awarded to any SEW member who completes a distance flight (in the UK or abroad) of:
25 km, 50 km, 100 km, 100 miles (161 km), 200 km and even 500 km!
PWC pilot and SEW member Harry Bloxham with his 500 km medal for flying a declared distance in a straight line world paragliding record in Brazil 2019, 510 km.
Good luck and safe flying!

Site records

Rules: Open distance and closed loop (out and return, triangle) flights are only recorded in the table below (although any multiplier added by the XC League is not applied as this varies from year to year – so total distance is only counted). Airspace infringements are not allowed. A valid GPS tracklog for the entire duration of the flight must be provided.

If you think the site record has been broken or there is a flight that we have not included then please let us know – it is a difficult task keeping track of all the entries and any entry would be considered. A link to the actual flight log is on the web site with further description.



Site name Distance (km) Pilot Year
Abertysswg 28.3 km

137 km

Alex Kennedy (PG)

Justin Needham (HG)



Blaenavon  11.6 km  Alex Kennedy  2018
Blorenge  100.5 km (Triangle total)  Harry Bloxham, Luke Nichol, Mark Watts, Lawrie Noctor  2018
Cwmbran (Fairwater)  16.6 km  Andrew Price  2010
Cwmbran (Mountain Air) 110.5 km Rich Harding 2019
Ebbw Vale  82.8 km  Nick Roberts  2017
Fochriw  69.0 km  Chris Dusgate  2019
Garth Hill 18 km Mark Baldwin  2019
Garway Hill  253.7 km  Harry Bloxham  2017
Hay Bluff  204.5 km  Hugh Miller  2016
Machen None confirmed
Merthyr Common 338.7 km

169.7 km

Carl Wallbank (HG)

Karoly Megyesi (PG)



Mynydd Meio 56.5 km Pawel Barton 2009
Nant-y-Moel  134.4 km Richard Chambers  2014
Pandy  104.3 km Simon Green  2014
Pen Cerrig Calch  210.7 km  Richard Carter  2019
Pontlottyn  28.3 km  Graham Richards  2009
Rhigos  16.5 km  Lee Brogan 2018
Skirrid 63.4 km Daniel Starsmore 2019
Sugar Loaf  91.5 km  Simon Green  2016
Talybont  119.3 km  James Price & Lewis Price  2018