Status: Open
Site Latitude: N51.744371 Height ASL Meters: 430m
Site Longitude: W003.2451376 Height ASL Feet: 1400ft
Wind Direction: W – NW Height Top to Bottom Meters: 75m
Best Direction: WNW Height Top to Bottom Feet: 250ft
Minimum BHPA Rating Hang Gliding: BHPA CP rating with supervision Member status: Open Site
Minimum BHPA Rating Paragliding: BHPA Pilot rating OS Grid Reference and Prefix: SO 141 058

From Tredegar on minor roads towards Markham, or North from Markham to Tredegar.  Due South of NP22 5BQ but on the more easterly single track road

Park along the layby at the edge of the road ensuring enough space is left for gliders landing, or being carried forward across the road.


Take-off is on the west side of Mynydd Bedwellte which overlooks Abertysswg.

Before taking off make sure you are not upwind of the conifers as they are getting tall now and can produce dangerous amounts of rotor. Take-off clear of rotor, further north of the confers now – but don’t forget to account for the road and any traffic using it. Do not fly if the wind is south of WNW. The site can be turbulent in strong winds. Care and control is needed when launching paragliders in strong winds, as take-off is narrow, with rigged hang gliders and vehicles close by. If you are not sure of the true speed and direction of wind then check at the top of the hill first.


Top landing is easiest on top of the hill which is about 120ft higher than takeoff. In lighter winds, particularly when it‘s off to the North, the area behind the road an be used.

Top landing a hang glider in front of the road south of takeoff requires a great deal of experience and precision and is not recommended.

Slope landing is possible for paragliders by the side of the road at the bottom of the hill marked on the map. This area is small, uneven and slopes. It‘s also a crosswind landing for hang gliders and difficult and not recommended for hang gliders.

The emergency bottom landing field (triangular shaped field marked with purple star on the map) is available outside of the lambing season. Be aware there is are power lines running north towards the farm. Always leave by the gate at the bottom of the field, and carry gliders up to the road. This is a long carry out over rough ground. Please don‘t park on the farm track. Note if the farm gates are shut the farm security dogs are loose, do not enter the farm at these times.


Up to 20 gliders can be accommodated in the right conditions, but it can be turbulent in strong winds. Wave is quite common.


Beware of moving vehicles and rotor from parked cars if you top land close to the road. Stay clear of the lee side of the trees as there can be very severe turbulence. The quarry to the South can also be turbulent and is to be avoided by low air time pilots.

Be aware of power lines and telegraph poles between the lower road and landing field.

Do not land in the field adjacent to and to the South of take-off. If you accidentally land in any field carry out by the gate. Do not climb walls or fences. Turbulence can make this a tricky site for paragliders. Paraglider Pilots with less than 50 hrs. logged should therefore only fly this site under the supervision of an Instructor or Club Coach. This site is sometimes used by model aircraft pilots, please respect their right to fly as well as your own.

Open site – This site may be flown by suitably insured visiting hang glider & paraglider pilots. This site is flown with the kind permission of the Trustees of the Llanover Estate.

Llanover Estate

HG record – Justin Needham flew 137km on his La Moette Topless.

PG record – Alex Kennedy flew 28.3 km on his Nova Sector to just past Raglan castle.

Maps courtesy of OpenStreetMap Contributors.

If you require further advice about a particular SEWHGPGC site please contact a Club Coach. Please report all accidents to The Club Safety & Training Officer Steve Millson and the BHPA. Please visit the BHPA for the most current Incident Report Form.

This document is a guide only.

We advise that anyone Hang Gliding and Paragliding conduct a dynamic risk assessment prior to flying any site. This should be continuously re-assessed due to the changeable conditions of the outdoor environment.

All individuals are advised to take the following into account when making their dynamic risk assessment:

Paragliding and Hang Gliding are dangerous sports that can cause serious injury including bodily harm, paralysis and death. Flying SEW sites is undertaken with the full knowledge that Paragliding and Hang Gliding involves such risks. As the pilot you take exclusive responsibility for all risks associated with your part taking in the sport.

Any liability claims towards the club are excluded.

If you are not sure. DO NOT FLY.

In the Mountains/Rivers/Lakes

Dial 999/112 and ask for the Police and then Mountain Rescue. If you are away from the road side then dial 999/112 and ask for the Police and then Mountain Rescue explaining your circumstances. If you cannot make voice calls, you can now contact the 999 Emergency Services by SMS. NB you must register this prior to an emergency.

In an emergency 999 need to know:

Who is Calling?

Your name and mobile number.


Briefly, what is the problem, including the state of the casualty. Ensure you use the buzzword Fall From Height

and Remote Location.


OS Grid Ref:  SO 141 058

South of Tredegar on the narrow road towards Markham